Business This easy-to-use guide is the first step towards preparing your business for any disaster

Business Developing Your Business Preparedness Plan

Before you begin, please gather the necessary information to ensure your Business Preparedness Plan is as complete as possible. This information includes the names, addresses, and contact information of important locations; employees; providers, such as your insurance provider; existing suppliers and customers; continuity facilities; and records management.

There are 7 steps to completing your Business Preparedness Plan

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Start Your Plan

Your Preparedness Plan

Step 1 Plan to Stay in Business

Business Information
Our Business Online
Alternate Location
If this location is not accessible we will operate from the location below.
Crisis Manager
The following person is our primary crisis manager and will serve as the company spokesperson in an emergency.
Alternate Crisis Manager
If the person is unable to manage the crisis, the person below will succeed in management.
Emergency Planning Team
The following people will participate in emergency planning and crisis management.
We Plan to Coordinate with Others
The following people from neighboring businesses and our building management will participate on our emergency planning team.
Our Critical Operations
The following is a prioritized list of our critical operations, staff and procedures that we need to recover from a disaster.
We will obtain supplies/materials from the following:
Alternate Suppliers
If a supplier experiences a disaster, we will obtain supplies/materials from the following:
Cyber Security

Step 2 Vital Records Management

Backup Responsibility
POC responsible for backing up our critical records including payroll and accounting systems:
Onsite Backup
Back-up records including a copy of this plan, site maps, insurance policies, bank account records and computer back ups are stored onsite:
Offsite Backup
Another set of back-up records is stored at the following off-site location:
Accounting Continuity
If our accounting and payroll records are destroyed, we will provide for continuity in the following ways:

Step 3 Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Contact Information

Step 4 Emergency Communications Plan

Employee Emergency Contact Information
The following is a list of our employees and their individual emergency contact information:

Step 5 Evacuation Plan

If we must leave the workplace quickly:
Warning System
Assembly Site
Alternate Assembly Site
Assembly Manager
Shut Down Manager
Issuing All Clear
Evacuation Checklist
Download List

Step 6 Shelter-in-Place Plan

Shelter Quickly
Warning System
"Seal the room" Shelter means considering protection if the air quality may be impacted
Shelter Manager
Shut Down Manager
Issuing All Clear
Shelter-in-Place Checklist:
Download List

Step 7 Plan to Share, Practice, Train and Review

When you have completed your plan, please print several copies and place them in key locations around the workplace, at the alternate work site, and ask the emergency planning team to keep a copy at home.
You will need to train and practice with your staff on how to complete assigned responsibilities. Make sure to use the training & review section below. Once your staff is trained, you should conduct an exercise to test your staff’s ability to respond to the emergency.
Training and Review Dates
Review Dates
Tip: Be sure to mark these dates on your calendar to remind you of upcoming training and review dates.

Save and Download

After completing the above sections, save and download your planner. You can also save your work at any time. Your information will not be stored on the server. Instead, you will download a PDF, which will contain all your information. You may return at any time, and upload the PDF to alter information, or finish completing your planner.

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